Your skin is your biggest organ and is the barometer of your wellbeing.

It is the first place to show signs of other ailments. Our every thought, lifestyle and environment greatly affects our greater health and well-being, impacting us emotionally, mentally, and physically.


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Step-by-step treatment for transformational results
Glow, Revive, Soothe & V-Sculpt with 5 NASA LED Lights

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Pair +SABI AI app with Tri-Light™ to enjoy a guided and customised LED facial treatments with your selfie & hydro-sensor analysis. Complete the Skin Identity Quiz to get your clinically-proven and award-winning customised cocktail serum and booster. Leveraging on the data of over 1.2 million skin profiles, your self-care treatment is customised based on water intake, sleep, stress, activity level, menstrual cycle, pollution index, and blue light exposure.

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