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Skin Inc Oxy-Cryo Glow Infusion Treatment
60 minutes $315

Get skin bouncing back to health with Skin Inc's newest customized Oxy­Cryo Glow Infusion Treatment, a state-of-art Korean Gangnam most popular aesthetic treatment for post surgery healing, instant soothing, firming and glow benefits.
Completely non-invasive, it is specifically designed to encourage skin recovery and promote skin regeneration. The magic ingredient? Oxygen. Working with something that's vital to the body, coupled with a Skin Inc serum customized to your unique skin needs, this OxyCryo Glow Infusion Treatment is best for congested, sensitive, and ageing skin and helps decongest,improve blood circulation, boost cell renewal & collagen production for well-rested, smoother, firmer, younger looking glass skin today!

OxyCryo 3-in-1

Ozone Therapy

Cleanse, Detox, Peel
Unclog pores, detox skin of impurities and kills acne-causing bacteria. Promotes blood circulation to oxygenate and re-activate every cell in the skin.

Anion Therapy

Re-energize, Hydrate, Nourish
Deep infusion of negative anions and your customized serum cocktail to nourish, re-energize and promote cells regeneration.

Oxygen Mask Therapy

Heal, Repair, Revive
Delivers close to 100% medical-grade oxygen to enhance collagen formation and revive damaged skin tissues to achieve smooth, youthful glass-skin.

Pampering Face Treatments

Indulge in a beauty retreat at Skin Inc. Our 100% personalized face treatments proactively solve your skin woes at the root.

This massively popular multiple-award winning 2-step treatment starts followed by a calming infusion of oxygen, our signature customized serum cocktail and Onsen water. Tired skin is revived and given an Instant perk-me-up. This treatment is so relaxing it also serves as the perfect opportunity to catch a power nap!

This 3-step facial begins with a gentle blast of 99% oxygen to revive skin cells and rev up microcirculation. Skin appears brighter and smoother instantly without the need for painful extraction or post-facial redness. Once skin has been optimally prepped, it is then infused with Skin Inc's signature encapsulated serum to calm sensitized skin and accelerate healing from UV damage and pollution. To complete the treatment, a generous layer of Get Glowin Brightening Mask is applied to skin to instantly brighten skin and refine pores. A treat suitable for all skin types.

First, we select a mix of our award-winning serums containing active ingredients to suit your skin's needs at the time of your treatment. This ensures that you will see the results you most desire. Using state-of-the-art No-Needle Mesotherapy technology, your customized serum cocktail is delivered straight to the dermis layer, treating skin problems head-on, right at the source, Instant gratification and sustainable results.

A non-surgical radiofrequency (RF) UPLIFTING treatment that tightens your skin for a more youthful glow. This painless treatment helps to increase collagen production, contours your face and tightens your skin. Low-frequency electromagnetic waves penetrate deep into your skin to stimulate cell regeneration to help with the appearance of fine lines. Prep Skin with Oxy-Recharge Bubble Mask energises and detoxifies by infusing your skin with oxygen. It removes old keratin and impurities, revealing bright & renewed skin. Seal in all the skin goodness. Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask hydrates, clarifies and brightens skin with nutrient-rich Japanese deepsea water.

Fuss Free Power Fix Treatments

Give your skin the breakthrough it deserves. Skin Inc's treatments utilize the latest cutting-edge technology for lasting results.

Enhance the performance of your skincare by stimulating skin cells and increase circulation with NASA-LED Chromotherapy*, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF), Sonic & Hydro-Sensor technologies. By speeding up the absorption of active ingredients into the receptive layers of the skin, the Tri-Light +SABI AI facial treatment ensures optimal efficacy, for your healthiest glow. *Choose between 5 targeted LED lights (Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Orange) to address multiple skin concerns.

We know beauty is not just skin deep. This is why we go deeper. Hailed as the "no-knife face lift", this LED light intensity is safe and non invasive yet effective in encouraging your skin to produce collagen, banish lines, wrinkles, acne scarring and minimize pores. The Blue LED mask contains pure Blue 410 nm light that gets right down into the core of your pores, cleansing it of harmful bacteria which causes spots and reduce inflammation.

Dehydrated and blemish-prone skin will love this calming and soothing treatment using mineral-Hui Onsen thermal water. Skin is nourished from within as the Onsen thermal water cools, calms and moisturizes and repairs the natural moisture barrier. To complete, Licorice serum is applied and optimized with Blue LED Anti-Pore Power Fix Mask to calm down roughness caused by allergies, inflamed pimples and sunburn.

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