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The liver is the most crucial organ that performs functions vital to life such as processing nutrients from food, producing bile and building protein. It also acts like a filter, and is responsible for removing alcohol, chemicals and other toxins from the body. However it is often neglected. Excessive consumption of alcohol, fatty foods and even long term medication can stress and burden the liver, weakening its functions and increasing the risks of liver disease.

Do you have a fatty liver?
Modern day’s stressful lifestyle, coupled with unhealthy dietary habits lead to the rise of modern diseases- fatty liver. Fatty liver is not easily detected in the early onset and can go undetected for years. As the condition progresses, symptoms such as fatigue abdominal distention after meals, bloatedness, discomfort after slight alcohol consumption, mild diarrhea after meals begin to surface.

Over-consumption of alcohol and diet high in trans and saturated fats result in high level of bad blood lipids in the liver which weaken liver function and cause imbalance of the spleen. Over time, the liver becomes less effective at fat metabolism. As fat accumulate in the liver cells and blood lipids level increases, this can lead to fatty liver and impairment of liver functions.

Fatty liver is exacerbated by inflammation in the liver which could hasten its progression into liver cirrhosis, a condition where the inflamed liver becomes scarred and hardened, causing liver failure. This disease affects more men than women between the ages of 25-75. Therefore, early prevention and treatment is necessary.

Protect Your Liver

1. Avoid alcohol

Indulging in the occasional glass of alcohol is unlikely to pose a major health concern. However, routine, and heavy alcohol consumption is a major health hazard that may damage your liver and lead to various liver conditions. Excessive alcohol may cause your liver to swell and weaken your liver function, leading to fatty liver, and eventually liver damage, if left untreated.

2. Low fat diet

Junk food and high-fat meats contain high levels of trans and saturated fats, which could build up in your liver. Over time, it can damage your liver and lead to fatty liver. Thus, taking a healthy diet is very important to maintain healthy liver functions.

3. Quit smoking

Smoking is harmful to virtually every organ and cell in the body. The chemicals in cigarette and cigarette smoke contain poisonous carcinogens and toxins that are severely harmful to the body. If you smoke, resolve to quit now.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Therapy

Besides lifestyle and dietary changes, Traditional Chinese Medicines have been extensively used in the protection against fatty liver and in the reduction of bad blood lipids level in the body. Traditional Chinese Medicines such as Sanchi, Red Peony Root, Hawthorn Fruit, Green Tangerine Peel, Largehead Atractylodes Rhizome, Oriental Waterplantain Rhizome, White Peony Root, Chrysanthemum Flower, Lotus Leaf, Doddler Seed and Rhizoma Curcumae Longae (Turmeric) provide many health benefits for the liver:

• Prevent and relieve fatty liver
• Lower bad blood lipids level
• Normalize the metabolic function of blood
• Promote ‘qi’ and normal liver function
• Nourish blood and liver
• Remove heat and toxicity
• Guard the liver against harmful chemicals
• Strengthen the spleen

Take 1-2 capsules twice daily, with warm water after meals.

Radix Et Rhizoma Notoginseng (Sanchi), Rhizoma Curcumae Longae (Turmeric), Semen Cuscutae (Dodder Seed), Flos Chrysanthemi (Chrysanthemum Flower), Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae (Largehead Atractylodes Rhizome), Rhizoma Alismatis (Oriental Waterplantain Rhizome), Radix Paeniae Alba (White Peony Root), Folium Nelumbinis (Lotus Leaf) , Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae Viride (Green Tangerine Peel), Radix Paeniae Rubra (Red Peony Root), Fructus Crataegi (Hawthorn Fruit).

Store in a cool, dry place and keep out of children’s reach. 

Not to be taken while suffering from influenza, fever, during pregnancy and lactation. Patients with diabetes, kidney disease and other serious chronic diseases should consult a physician before use.

Suitable for vegetarians.

No known side effects

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