Ultimate Skin-Tech Set

$888 ($1,457 value)

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What You'll Receive:

1x NEW Deepcare Flash Facial Spatula Beauty Tool

1x  NEW Tri-light™ +SABI AI Facial Device

1x Tri-light™ Body Sculpt Fit Bodycare Device

1x Cryo-Ice Sake Roller Beauty Tool (Blush)

1x 24K Gold Sculpt Lift Bar Beauty Tool

1x 60 Mins In-Store Oxy Miracle Infusion 7-in-1 Facial Treatment (Worth $225) 

Experience the future of skincare in your hands. NASA-powered Tri-Light™ and +SABI AI App is the World's First 8-in-1 virtual wellness and skin coach app (find and scan the QR Code below to download +SABI AI) that tracks your wellness and skin health using revolutionary AI skintelligence technology. The NEW Tri-light™ +SABI AI Facial Device combines Sonic, PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) and Hydro-Sensor technologies, with 5 targeted LED Lights - empowering you to customize a routine that addresses multiple skin concerns synergistically. Enhance the performance of your skincare ingredients for a radiant and healthy glow.

The NEW Deepcare Flash Facial Spatula purify, reset and lift your skin with the synergistic benefits of 25k/second ultrasonic vibration and ion technology. It helps unclog pores, extract blackheads and whiteheads, reduce excess oil, enable deeper skincare absorption, and lift + firm skin for a more youthful appearance.d healthy glow.

Smooth, lift, detox and achieve a 360 glow with the  Tri-light™ Body Sculpt Fit Bodycare DeviceTreat yourself to a full workout, without all the work, effort or time, with the synergistic effects of Micro-Current, Micro-Vibration & LED Light Therapy. Like a palm-sized personal trainer, this device will help tone and contour the neck and chin. Loose skin, lines, wrinkles and body acne will be thing of the past.

Ease your tensions and indulge in the therapeutic power of ice-cold temperatures with the Cryo-Ice Sake Roller. Chill your skin to increase micro-circulation, minimize enlarged pores whilst slowing down sebum production, instantly depuff sensitive under-eye area and lift your features with cold v-sculpt. 

Detox your skin through lymphatic drainage and reduce water retention to achieve the V-sculpt and lifted-look with the 24k Gold Sculpt Lift Bar. The pulsating facial massage helps to improve blood circulation and alleviate puffiness under eyes and face.

This set also comes with a one-time in-store redemption of Skin Inc's signature 60 Mins In-Store Oxy Miracle Infusion 7-in-1 Facial Treatment (Worth $225). This massively popular multiple-award winning 2-step treatment starts followed by a calming infusion of oxygen, our signature customized serum cocktail and Onsen water. Tired skin is revived and given an Instant perk-me-up. This treatment is so relaxing it also serves as the perfect opportunity to catch a power nap! 

Personalise your glowing results with these 8 modes: 

GLOW - Yellow LED Help to achieve a brighter complexion 

REVIVE - Red LED Help to revive the youthful appearance of skin 

SOOTHE - Blue LED Help to soothe skin & minimize the appearance of pores 



OPTIMIZE - Sonic Therapy Help to increase the performance of skincare to smoothen the skin 

REJUVENATE - Hydro-Sensor Measure & track skin's hydration levels for optimal skin wellness 

RESCUE - PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) Help to boost recovery for skin wellness 

To start using Tri-Light™: 


Pair Tri-Light™ with +SABI AI app, your friendly virtual skin coach, who will guide you through your skin journey. 

STEP 2: SCAN YOUR FACE to get a customized day & night routine. 

STEP 3: DECODE your Skin Identity with our quiz to get a customized routine based on your unique skin concerns. 

FOR CLINICALLY-PROVEN & EFFECTIVE RESULTS: We recommend pairing Tri-Light™ with My Daily Dose serum cocktail 

STEP 1: MEASURE your skin's hydration levels using the Hydro-Sensor 

STEP 2: CUSTOMIZE with an LED color that fits your skin needs. Use with a water-based serum. 

STEP 3: CUSTOMIZE by using gentle, circular motion to massage your face for 1-3 mins, or until skincare has been fully absorbed. 

STEP 4: TRACK your skin results within the +SABI AI app.

Download your user manual HERE

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