Skin Inc Wellness Retreat & Celebration At ANMON Resort

Homegrown-gone-global customised skin care brand Skin Inc celebrated its 15th anniversary at a wellness retreat at The ANMON Resort Bintan on 15-16 August, with 40 friends of the brand. During the retreat, they also unveiled two new innovations – a limited edition Rose Gold Tri-Light™, a Violette My Daily Dose® serum bottle as well as exciting new features in the +SABI AI wellness and skin coach app.

Guests joined founder Sabrina Tan on a glamping adventure,  celebrating the milestone with a skincare workshop, lots of outdoors fun including kayaking and splashing at the Crystal Lagoon at Treasure Bay Island and morning yoga. After all, feeling good is the new looking good!

Welcoming guests to the ANMON Bintan Resort

Gidania Wong, Amanda Leong and Wanting Wang entering the Tipi Bar

On the way to Bintan, the guests enjoyed the Emerald Class ferry, with a dedicated and combined check-in for boarding and baggage, and hung out at the Emerald Lounge before boarding. Onboard, they could sip on complimentary hot and cold beverages or peruse the reading materials. Upon arrival, they were whisked away to the ANMON Resort Bintan to enjoy welcome drinks and light bites. 

Guests enjoyed a welcome drink that matches the My Daily Dose bottles.
Rows of My Daily Dose drinks for a welcome toast.
Famished guests could snack on small bites like the steamed kueh lapis.
Other snacks included popcorn and candy floss.

3- Course Lunch at Natra Bintan's Patio Restaurant and Bar

Clockwise from left: Pooja Kawatra, Leanne Ho, Kewei, Sharon Wong, Amanda, Sabrina Tan, Gidania, Wanting, Daphne, Jasmine Chong, Savina, Nellie,Velda Tan, Ang Jinyuan, Chow, Cindy and Neetu Mirchandani
(L-R) Boon Ki, Gladys, Sabrina, Vanessa Tan, Sherrine, Savina, Rayyan Afiq, and Katherine Sng
(L-R, from top): Royston Ho, Xavier Lim, Sabrina, Tan De Shuen, Eugene Oh, Wong Xiao Qian and Kelly
Vanessa Ho and Sheena caught in a fun vlogging moment
Guests could choose between beef, salmon or a vegetarian main, with a Vietnamese spring roll appetiser and carrot cake for dessert.
Starting with a Hello Yellow drink featuring turmeric and ginger, guests had a few drink options including stress-relieving iced black tea.

Next, guests headed to Natra Bintan, a Tribute Portfolio Resort by Marriott for lunch at the Patio Restaurant and Bar. Here, Sabrina expressed her gratitude to the guests for being part of the community that was instrumental to their success. 

Custom AI Skincare Workshop

The Skin Inc Custom AI skincare workshop and museum were held in the ANMON Resort Bintan's domes.
Skin Inc Museum
Sabrina shared that Skin Inc's first award was from Her World.
The Beauty on the Go set includes a Pure Revival Peel, and a UV Sunscreen that also works as a makeup base.
Skin Inc has also collaborated with Motherswork - a leading premium retailer of mother, baby and kids products in Singapore and China - to produce baby-safe products.
Sharon and Savina at the Skin Inc Museum, where they took photos and admired the display.

One of the highlights of the retreat was the skincare workshop. Sabrina first led guests down memory lane in the museum, where they viewed past incarnations of the Tri-Light™ and many other products including the Beauty on the Go product range.

Launch of the Newest Rose Gold Tri-Light™ Device
Daphne Wee with her new Rose Gold Tri-Light™
Pairing her brand new Rose Gold Tri-Light™ with the +SABI AI app.

Now in a gorgeous rose gold, the limited edition, new Tri-Light™ ($458) combines 8-in-1 advanced technologies allowing you to customise a regime and address multiple skin concerns synergistically. The NASA-powered Tri-Light device combines Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field, Sonic and Hydro-Sensor technologies and five targeted LED lights. In particular, the Sonic Therapy enhances the performance of your skincare to smoothen the skin. Meanwhile, the new pulsed electro-magnetic fields help boost recovery for skin wellness. Lastly, the Hydro-Sensor measures and gets precise readings of your skin’s hydration level for optimal skin wellness. 

Customised LED Treatment Recommendations from the +SABI AI App
After taking a selfie, the +SABI AI app will recommend treatments for you.

Pair this with the +SABI AI App, the world’s first 8-in-1 virtual wellness and skin coach app that tracks your wellness and skin health via revolutionary AI skintelligence technology. After doing the skincare quiz, you’ll get a customised Treatment Recommendation. For example, use the yellow LED to achieve a brighter complexion. The red LED tightens and firms the skin, while the blue LED reduces the appearance of pores and soothes the skin.  Otherwise, combine the lights to get optimal benefits from both colours. For example, the orange LED will help you achieve a brighter complexion while tightening and firming the skin. 

Real Results from Real People

In a consumer study of the red LED light, as part of an independent clinical study, 95 per cent agreed that their skin was clearer with a more refined texture, and that their skin looked hydrated. 85 per cent also agreed that their skin looked revived and radiant, while 81 per cent agreed that their lines and wrinkles appeared to be less visible. 

Launch of the Menstrual and Fertility Tracker in the +SABI AI app

The powerful and comprehensive +SABI AI app also tracks your lifestyle factors that affects your skin health. Some examples of these include your sleep and exercise. In addition, the app provides tips like eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and healthy fats in fish to fight oxidative stress and keeping skin supple.

During the skincare workshop, Sabrina unveiled the app’s latest feature – tracking your menstruation and fertility cycles, since your hormones also affect your skin health. Not only does it help keep track of your cycles, it also gives you a skin score based on the four skin parameters.

After recording your symptoms and mood during this time, the +SABI AI app will also recommend some products. For instance, practice some self-care with their candles, and keep your skin clear with the Pure Revival Peel ($29) and the Deepcare Blemish SOS Patch ($38). 

Customising their Serums and Serum Bottles
The Violette My Daily Dose bottles, each with their custom serums. Image credit: Gladys Ng
Wanting's finished Violette My Daily Dose Bottles, encrusted with rhinestones. Image credit: Wanting Wang

Besides discovering the latest innovations from Skin Inc, guests also mixed their own personalised serum based on their answers in the Skin Identity Quiz into the My Daily Dose® Violette Cocktail Serum bottle. They then adorned their bottles – the Violette bottle or the regular MDD bottle – and even their Rose Gold Tri-Light™ with rhinestones in a DIY bottle decoration session. 

Fun in the Sun

After reapplying Skin Inc's Serum UV Moisturiser the guests headed to the Crystal Lagoon for water activities like kayaking or sliding down the Slip & Slide.

Melissa, Cindy, Sherlyn and her children Elliot and Thea kayaking in the Crystal Lagoon. (Above image credit: Melissa C Koh)

Of course, a must-try in the area was the Crystal Lagoon in Treasure Bay Bintan, just a short buggy ride from The ANMON Resort. Some chose to lounge in the floats, while others daringly went down the Slip & Slide. Other activities include kayaking, cable tube, cable skiing or wakeboarding.

Dinner and Anniversary Celebrations

Sabrina thanked the guests for being present at the event and advised them to celebrate their uniqueness.
Fireworks lit up the sky to celebrate Skin Inc's 15th anniversary and its two new innovations.
Chocolate mousse for dessert
Veggie platter
Charcuterie cups

Other highlights of the dinner included a video of long-time friends of the brand sending their well-wishes, as well as a fireworks display to celebrate the occasion. Continuing the glamping theme, dinner was held outdoors, under the stars. The menu featured charcuterie cups, beef steak with bell peppers, and a live crayfish grill station and chocolate mousse for dessert.

Wanting and Daphne at dinner
Sharon, Velda, Jasmine, Neetu, Leanne and Pooja at dinner.

Shazrina bte Shamsudin from Her World Singapore, and Sidney Yeoh from Grazia Singapore.

What followed was an evening of singing and dancing, with a live band serenading the crowd with popular songs. As a special treat, homegrown celebrity singer Tay Kewei also treated guests to an impromptu performance, with classics like Tian Mi Mi and Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin. Guests also wrote their well-wishes for themselves and the brand on lanterns and sent them to soar in the sky.

Wellness Yoga

Early morning yoga for the guests, blue skies overhead and grass under the feet.
The morning wellness yoga class was led by Jasmine Chong, co-founder of Lab Studios.
Guests tried a gentle backbend while in warrior pose.

After a night of celebrations, the lovely guests still made it for a morning of wellness yoga. Led by Jasmine Chong of Lab Studios, guests appreciated the rare opportunity to practice yoga under the azure blue sky, with the grass under their feet. Aside from getting a good stretch, they also learned to listen to their bodies and remain as they were if needed. Afterwards, guests had some free time to leisurely explore the resort before checking out and heading back to Singapore.

August 21, 2023

By Kimberly