LAC ACTIVATED® Conceive+ For Him - For Men's Reproductive Health


Product Description

In the pursuit of a successful career, men may start to neglect their wellbeing or affect intimate relationships with their loved ones. Other external factors, such as daily stressors, exposure to harmful toxins and unhealthy lifestyle habits, can eventually lead to low energy and performance levels, therefore affecting the ability to conceive.

With a blend of Traditional Chinese Medicinal (TCM) herbs specially selected to elevate men’s fertility, LAC Activated® Conceive+ For Him is packed with extraordinary nutrients to address the key concerns of infertility, increasing your chance to conceive. Tested free of heavy contamination harm, it is guaranteed to be the safest and best support for your needs.

Achieve your fullest potential with LAC Activated® Conceive+ for Him.

Take 2 capsules daily after food.


  • According to TCM, poor Qi and blood flow may impact the function of the kidneys, spleen and liver, affecting the quality of the sperm and semen. This can result in infertility for men.
  • Formulated with proprietary TCM blend and clinically studied ingredients to address the key concerns of infertility, such as low vitality and libido, poor sperm quality and quantity
  • Free of heavy metal contamination harm

  • Restores hormonal balance to boost testosterone level and enhance sperm production
  • Improves quality of sperms by protecting sperm cells from oxidative stress
  • Enhances blood and nutrient circulation
  • Promotes good vitality and endurance for performance
  • Improves sperm motility

Recommended for:
  • Those who would like to improve their fertility rates
  • Those exposed to stress & fatigue from their lifestyle
  • Those with low energy and immunity levels


Amount per serving
Maca Extract (Lepidium meyenii)
Zinc Oxide
Ginger Powder (Zingiberis rhizoma recens)
Goji Berry Extract (Lycii fructus)
Vitamin E
Ginseng Extract (Ginseng radix)
Huang Qi Extract (Astragali radix)
White Peony Root Extract (Paeoniae alba radix)
Folic Acid
Dang Gui Extract (Angelicae sinensis radix)
Nu Zhen Zi Extract (Ligustri lucidi fructus)
Chuan Xiong Extract (Chuanxiong rhizoma)
Shu Di Huang Extract (Rehmanniae radix preparata)
Shan Yao Powder (Dioscoreae rhizoma)
1132 mg

    Take 1-2 sticks on its own with water or your favourite beverage.

    Bilberry Extract Powder (Contains 25% Anthocyanidin), Marigold Extract Powder (Contains 10% Lutein and 0.6% Zeaxanthin), Acelora Powder (Contains 30% Vitamin C), Blueberry Powder, Rose Hips, Lycium Chinese Miller, Fish Oil Powder (Contains 10% DHA, 1.5% EPA), Eye Bright Powder (Euphrasia officinalis), Blackcurrant Extract Powder (Contains 36% Anthocyanin)

    Other Ingredients: Dextrin, Maltitol, Critic Acid, Cranberry Powder, Flavour (Cranberry), Raspberry Juice Powder.

    No Preservatives
    No Artificial Sweeteners 
    No Artificial Colours 
    Manufactured in Japan.

    Q: Who would benefit most from LAC Berry Clear®?
    A: Individuals whose work and/or lifestyle require visual precision and constant exposure to glare from natural sunlight or artificial lighting, e.g. reading, driving, outdoor sports, etc.

    Q: How would LAC Berry Clear® benefit my eyes?
    A: LAC Berry Clear® is rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients which help neutralize free radicals and maintain vascular health, thus protecting the eyes against ocular degeneration and visual compromise, and combating tired and dry eyes symptoms.

    Q: How soon can I see results?
    A: Results vary between individuals, although one may see signs of improvements in as quick as 3 months of regular consumption.

    Q: Do I need other eye supplements when I am consuming LAC Berry Clear®?
    A: LAC Berry Clear® is a wholesome dietary supplement providing a wide spectrum of nutrients. For optimum benefit, one can consider the inclusion of a good multivitamin and mineral formula for ensuring sound nutritional

    an innovative beauty disruptor


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